Social Media Marketing – not optional anymore

A must for a successful Small Business Owner, Startup, and Entrepreneur

Marketing today

Marketing has changed substantially over the last years – away from the classical marketing in favor of inbound marketing.

A market where your customers study reviews, google for information and decide themselves when, where and how to buy products or services.

A market where Social Media has become an indispensable part of every marketing strategy.

It’s time for a change – let’s be Social Now and adapt to the new customer-centric marketing approach.

Is your business ready for it?

Professional Social Media Consulting for your Small Business

Lay your Social Media into the hands of a certified Professional and get your time back to focus on your core business.

Are you ready for it?


Are you struggling to convert your Social Media efforts into the expected revenue? Learn basic and advanced strategies.

Social Media for business today

You don’t believe that your business can benefit from Social Media?

You think it is better not start at all because of limited recourses available? And you think you cannot compete with others when you do not spend a fortune on Social Media Marketing, right?

Social Media is powerful and can increase the leads of all businesses, no matter the size nor the location. It just needs to be done with a thorough strategy that works towards predefined goals. 

Do you know which Social Media platforms your potential clients are on? Do you know the demographics of your audience? Have you ever performed a Facebook Ad split testing to see what your audience likes or dislikes?

As a Small Business Owner, you don’t have the time to invest in this groundwork, right?

Social Media Marketing has many traps and pitfalls as it changes rapidly. Without knowing the best practices for each platform your efforts can easily burst into dust and your marketing budget is eaten up before you even know it.  

But, no need to worry – I will understand your business & needs, develop a strategy and analyze the results. With this, your Social Media efforts will be brought on track without wasting time or money. 


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