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Social Media Presence

Social Media is a powerful tool to support your marketing efforts. To get the most out of it for your business, you need foremost a complete and appealing social profile. Depending on the industry the approach can differ, but there are certain aspects that can be optimized for each social media platform.

If you are just starting with your social media activities, it can be overwhelming to understand how to optimize the profile for each platform.

The world of social media is changing constantly and it can be hard to keep up with it when social media is a marketing tool for you, but you have your core business to focus on.

I understand that you are a busy small business owner and offers solutions to the above. 

I make sure that you get the best head start you can get with professional looking social media profiles in line with the best practices. 


Social Media Profile Setup

Want to join the game?

Social Media Marketing is a must nowadays to keep up with your competitors. It does not matter whether you are a solopreneur, a startup, a small business owner, or a big brand.

But here’s the catch – so many businesses are already out there in the social pool and there is a high chance to get overlooked if your social media presence isn’t spot on. Obviously, you also need to provide good content but the prerequisite is starting with a professional looking profile that is built on the best practices known.

As a busy entrepreneur, it is tough to keep up with all the changes of the different platforms and I understand that you are busy with building up your business and focusing on your core activity. However, if you create a profile in a rush just for the sake of having it, your marketing efforts will go down the drain.

Let me take this work off your shoulder and give you the best starting point you can get.


  • Social profiles that are based on the best practices known for each platform
  • A consistent design across all platforms so that business partners will recognize you
  • A professional looking social presence
  • Profile names that fit across all platforms and best suited for your business

You can choose from: LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest


  • professional looking background/banner images that convey your message

Get your social started today!


1. Tell me which social sites you want to get set-up  [you can choose during the booking process] and provide me the URL of your website (if applicable)
2. If a website is available I will use the information there to create your profiles. Without a website, I will send you a short survey to understand your business and the goals you want to achieve with your social profiles.
3. I do some research on available profile names that suit your business. You will receive a list of suggested names and can choose. With this high number of social accounts, not all names are available anymore, and not always the same for all sites.
4. I do need your logo and a profile image from you. If you like the design of the background images designed by me, you can book that optional. Otherwise, I need a suitable background image. If this does not serve the best practice, I will get back to you and ask for a redesign.
5. Before the profiles will go live, you will have the chance for a review.


Get a professional social presence based on best practices for each platform

You can choose from: LinkedIn, Facebook Page or Profile, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and receive the package that is listed above.

Social Profile Setup for 1-2 Social Sites:  $89

Social Profile for 3-4 Social Sites:  $149

Social Profile for LinkedIn:  $99 (LI is not included in the above packages)

Optional: Background/Banner Creation (can be added during the booking process)
1-2 social sites: $49
3-5 social sites: $75