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Social Media Presence

Social Media is a powerful tool to support your marketing efforts. To get the most out of it for your business, you need foremost a complete and appealing social profile. Depending on the industry the approach can differ, but there are certain aspects that can be optimized for each social media platform.

If you are just starting with your social media activities, it can be overwhelming to understand how to optimize the profile for each platform.

Even if your business is active on social media since a while, the best practices are not always obvious, which impacts the return you get from your efforts. The world of social media is changing constantly and it can be hard to keep up with it when social media is a marketing tool for you, but you have your core business to focus on.

I understand that you are a busy small business owner and offers solutions to the above. A review of your social sites will shed light on the things that work and do not work for you. It allows you to take action without shooting into the dark.

Social Media Audit

Not getting the return you want?

You think you should get better results from your social media efforts than you get?

You feel like having spent too much time and money but you don’t know what to change to finally gain traction?

Then it may be time for a social media audit.

While there are certainly different approaches to social media depending on your industry, there are certain best practices and things that can be optimized for each social platform. These things can save you time and money. A social audit can reveal what works well for you and what doesn’t.


  • one checklist per social site, based on best practices, which give you a good visual overview
  • a written report analyzing what works for you and what doesn’t
  • specific recommendations how to improve your online conversion
  • 20min online call at your convenience [no technical knowledge required] to discuss my findings

You can choose from: LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

more in-depth [optional]

  • research on your competitors with examples showing what works for them
  • reviewing your social presence as a whole by analyzing how your sites fit into the big picture of your brand

Don’t hesitate and improve your social, save time and money and get on track.


1. Provide me the URL(s) of the respective site(s) [you will be asked for the URL(s) during the booking process]
2. I do my work according to the purchased package
3. You receive a written report [usually up to 3 days after the purchase] according to the purchased package
4. We schedule an online call to discuss my findings and you can ask your questions. This session will be scheduled at your convenience.


Grain traction on your social sites with a professional social site review

You can choose from: LinkedIn, Facebook Page or Profile, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube and receive the package that is listed above.

Social Media Audit for 1-2 Social Sites:  $79

Social Media Audit for 3-5 Social Sites:  $145

Optional in-depth analysis (can be added during the booking process)
1-2 social sites: $52
3-5 social sites: $73

QUICK Facebook Page Review

If you would like to get some QUICK AND ACTIONABLE TIPS, the Quick Facebook Page review might be for you. The review will be conducted as above, however, the report will be provided as a bullet point list. There is no phone call included. The report contains actionable tips so that you can start working on the optimization immediately.

  • one checklist, based on best practices, which give you a good visual overview
  • a written bullet point report analyzing what works for you and what doesn’t
  • specific bullet point recommendations how to improve your online conversion

HOW? This review can be booked directly. Just click on the button and proceed with the payment. You will receive a receipt. Once I received the payment (usually within 24h) I’ll send you an email asking for your Facebook Page URL. You will receive the report max 2 days after purchase.

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